Culthulhu 10.3cm


Culthulhu Winged Occult Figurine 10.3cm

Scarily adorable winged Culthulhu figurine.
Adorned with small skulls, pentagrams and moons.
Cast in the finest resin.
Lovingly hand-painted.

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Adorable and wide-eyed is this Culthulhu figurine. But don’t be deceived by the cuteness, as you look into its black eyes you notice the darkness that resides. This mythical creature resembles a human octopus, with webbed human-looking arms and legs. Whilst also channeling the spirit of a vampire, with protruding bat wings, and ornate silver detailing. Cast in high-quality resin and carefully hand-painted this figurine is likely to be the cutest occultist you ever did see.

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